Task Tutoring

Could you become a great pianist without piano lessons?

Task Tutoring™ is designed to help students who are struggling with a particular subject, such as Math, or a specific academic task, such as a Physics project. By providing one on one assessment and personalized attention, we identify the student's needs, create a learning plan, and closely monitor the implementation of that plan throughout its various stages.

The Task Tutoring™ process enables students to internalize critical transferable skills which facilitate future learning and ensure success.

Identifiable Steps

Task Tutoring™ breaks down the challenge of learning each task into manageable and clearly identifiable steps, which allows us to match the best teaching approach to each student's learning preferences. This customized system is integral to building future success.

Approved Curriculum

Our program is approved and closely follows the Ministry of Education Guidelines. We adhere to the same academic guidelines of all Ontario Schools. The consistency between our approved standards and services leads to greater confidence and improved learning opportunities.

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