Learn Better

When a student understands how to learn, they can learn anything.

The Tutorite AIM Approach™ is designed to ensure each student receives a personalized plan. We look at all aspects of learning to create opportunities for success that emphasize individuals.

Here's our Tutorite AIM Approach™:

Assessment: We evaluate each individual's learning skills, including technical, subject specific, communication, and attitude toward learning. Our assessment process covers both verbal and written skills.

Implementation: Based on the assessment results, our professional staff create an individual dynamic learning program for a student. We focus on using proven strategies that target specific skills, leading to learning improvements in identified areas.

Monitoring: Ongoing feedback and progress checks are vital to success, so we regularly check and document the student's learning. A cycle of practice followed by testing is the most effective way to ensure understanding of specific subjects as well as understanding the learning process itself.

Throughout the learning process, we use the interactive technologies, one on one interaction with staff, creative learning opportunities, and so much more. Our program is dynamic which means we can constantly monitor student's progress, making adjustments and changes whenever necessary so that success is achieved.

The results speak for themselves. Our students consistently perform better in school, earning better grades and showing more confidence in themselves, all without the stress and frustration that used to hold them back.