Grade Guidance

Our program matches students with curriculum experts.

Tutorite Grade Guidance™ is a flexible and personalized approach to helping students meet the requirements and expectations of their grade level. Since each grade builds on what was previously learned, difficulty mastering one area can lead to greater difficulty later.

Our Grade Guidance™ program matches students with a curriculum expert who focuses both on the specific learning standards required as well as the learning process itself. Using a combination of one on one tutoring, small group learning, regular testing and evaluation, and personalized attention, we help every student achieve success.

Lessons are typically 90 minutes to 2 hours in length.

Here's what a sample 90 minute session might look like:

2 minutes - Review student's goals and time since last lesson
3 minutes - Agenda and organization skills review
10 minutes - Address student's short term needs (homework, completed assignments, returned tests)
40 minutes - Foundation building: study, practice, and review current and past material
10 minutes - Practice study skills, memory training
20 minutes - Write a practice quiz or test, take up full solutions
3 minutes - Review of expectations for next lesson, discuss time management
2 minutes - Lesson closure. Reinforce classroom work or send new work home

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