Achievement Steps

Personalized attention and customized learning

Tutorite provides personalized attention and customized learning programs for each student, allowing the tutor and student to work together to achieve individual goals. We thoroughly deliver the Ontario curriculum using a comprehensive approach that connects students to the services, courses, and opportunities they need in order to succeed.

As the learning process moves forward, we look for a number of key achievement steps along the way:

  • Matching the student's learning style with the right teaching style
  • Understanding the student's needs, with frequent checks to adapt and adjust if needs change along the way
  • Ensuring student engagement in the learning process
  • Increasing levels of self confidence
  • Learning how to learn rather than just learning facts and specific information on a subject
  • Tracking Grade improvements
  • Enhancing level of success and achievement of goals

Each of these achievement steps are unique for each individual and help us assess progress, provide feedback, and give each student exactly what is needed for success.

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