Tutorite T's are certified and qualified teachers with expertise in their subject area. They must also meet our specific training criteria before they begin to offer our program.

Your Tutorite T has successfully completed:

  • The AIM Learning Approach Program
  • SMART Goals Training
  • Our TaskTutoring™ and GradeGuidance™ Learning Modules (both Standard and Advanced Levels)*
    • One year of professional teaching experience (Junior)
    • Two to four years of professional teaching experience (Level 1)
    • Five to ten years of professional teaching experience (Level 2)
    • Ten or more years of professional teaching experience (Senior)

Your Tutorite T has also demonstrated:

  • A record of expertise in their teaching subjects
  • Active membership in the Association of teacher's subject area
  • A proven system of teaching techniques targeted to each individual learning style
  • An ability to work closely and effectively with each student
  • An ability to provide customized learning opportunities for each student
  • A genuine interest in the well being of each student
  • Excitement and enthusiasm for the learning process
  • Commitment to implementing and achieving students' academic goals
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Successful completion of an exhaustive background check, including a comprehensive Police Records Search