Finding a Private Tutor

Increasingly, parents are becoming more proactive in the education of their children. Many parents are making the choice to hire private tutors in order to fill learning gaps and build academic foundations. If a student is falling behind in school or if they just want to take advancement steps, hiring a private tutor can make a big the difference.

Services at tutoring centers typically start with an assessment, evaluating the student. The intention of administering these tests should be to reveal both a student's areas of strength and weakness. A program is then proposed and the tutoring arrangements are made.

A strong tutoring program has outcomes and goals that can be measured. These goals and outcomes should be put in writing to make all of the program's participants accountable. A strong tutor is an expert in the field they are instructing and has proven teaching experience. An effective tutor is trained in instructional approaches that are effective for different types of learners. For the tutor, the key to success is in establishing rapport with students so that they become open communicators about their learning. In the right tutoring environment, students develop a voice, learn to advocate for themselves, feel safe, take learning risks in order to reach new limits and become engaged in the process of learning. An effective tutoring relationship also involves parents, either by involving the family in the learning process or keeping open communication of updates in their child's progress.

Private tutors can help with specific skills or the learning process in general. While the majority of a lesson might be spent covering subject specific technical material, tutors can help students with organization, note taking, time management or other critical learning skills. It is important that tutoring sessions occur at effective times and in places conducive to focussed learning. Lessons can take place after school, in the evening, during the school day, on weekends and at school, home, the tutoring centre or other convenient location.

While the price of private tutors varies, the typical range is between thirty dollars and one hundred twenty dollars, depending on the tutor's qualifications and experience. The most important focus should be on the effectiveness of the lessons and on establishing the most effective relationships. Sometimes the benefits of tutoring can be seen right away. While in other cases, the learning takes time. In either case, once children find their path to success, they will be prepared for the life long process of learning that lies ahead of them.